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Whether you need to store your client database, track appointments, or have an efficient system to manage your business, Salon+ offers you a hassle-free comprehensive solution to help you upgrade and elevate your enterprise to the next level. Salon+ is the easiest and the most systematic way to manage your salon enterprise conveniently. For salons that sign up with us, Salon+ provides an electronic booking channel that offers the benefit of being customer-focused and available around the clock. We help you build a powerful online presence, help you reach new customers, improve back-end booking processes, and reduce cancellations while you get on with running your business.

Consider this application as your 24-hours receptionist, marketer, and manager.

Salon+ brings you the ultimate solution for all your management hurdles in running your salon business. Apart from incredible features that allow ease and convenience in running your business and reaching out to clients across the UAE, there are numerous other benefits that you can get only on Salon+.

  • All in one online platform for managing appointments, employees, and salon branches.
  • Earn extra revenue from selling physical products from your salons and delivering them across the country.
  • Versatile platform for everyone including but not imited to salon owners, grooming service providers, and customers.
  • Attract customers in your locality and across the country with offers that benefit your revenue.
  • Promote your unique business services for kids, salon-at-home servicing, and other facilities.
  • Connect with your clients in a unique way via a website for owners and service providers, and a mobile application for customers.
  • Manage multiple locations with Salon+’s analytical database and other comprehensive features.
  • Secure Customer Database with digital records of client details and business transactions in one place.

Salon+ is currently available in 7 cities in Abu Dhabi. Let us know where you are from, and we will inform you when we are ready to have your country on board.

Yes! Salon+ offers you the special feature of additional customization. Any additional features required for your business will be customized for you, as per your request.

With Salon+, you get access to these amazing features that will help you make your salon business grow stronger.

  • Business Reports Dashboard
  • Appointment Tracking System
  • Customer Details Database Storage
  • Customer Mobile App
  • Website For Booking Services
  • Additional Feature Customization

If your salon is booked at the requested time, you will be able to automatically offer the consumer alternative times and days. The online appointment Calendar also allows you to block out times or days where you don’t want to take appointments.

Salon+ acts as a managerial assistant for your enterprise, so it aids in making appointments for your regular and existing clients and customers. Additionally, we offer your customers an exclusive mobile application by Salon+ that gives them a convenient way to book and helps free up your time to look after them when they are in the salon and help you connect with them in a better way.

Salon+ aims to be inclusive, hence our website is available in both English and Arabic languages.

Through the various comprehensive features provided by Salon+, you can send automated appointment reminders to customers to remind them of their appointment with your salon. Research in other industries has shown that reminder notifications significantly reduce no-show rates; they also mean that your staff members don’t need to spend their time calling customers to remind them of appointments. Salon+ does that for you.

Salon+ prioritizes your preferences and ease of conducting business. Hence, we offer you three package options (Standard, Premium, and Ultimate) to choose from that suit your requirements and budget.

It all comes to a few questions- Is your website making you money or is it costing you money? Is it comprehensive enough to manage all your business plans? Are you saving on additional resources because of your website?

Salon+ is not just any website, it is an advance, profit-making, managerial website that makes sure that all your business plans are taken care of. It helps you save up on spending more money on additional resources and is very easy to use. Your grooming business requires Salon+ to do the most important task- taking your salon enterprise to a grand level.

Earnings from your provided services will be collected in your Salon+ wallet that is redeemable at any given time. We offer various options for you to receive your payment fromSalon+ account. Payments can be received through internet banking, Debit/ATM Card, Paypal, and UPI's.

Consumers will be provided a link in their confirmation notification allowing them to cancel or change their appointment online, and the salon will be notified in real-time through the Salon+ Online Appointment Calendar and notifications if they have opted for it.

Through Banner Ads and featured listings Sending Emailers, SMS Alerts asking customers to avail discounts and deals when booked via Salon+

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